RFEFX Prototype Board

Any electronic hobbyist can tell you exactly what a breadboard is. Anyone else would simply think you cut bread on it. LOL! Anyone who regularly tinkers with electronics have had at one point a Frankenstein monstrosity with a billion wires coming out of their breadboard. In most cases (nearly all) hey have had separate power supplies, microprocessors, or other multiple breadboards interfaced all together. Simply put is just gets down right messy. I have seen several breadboards of substantial complexity with built in power supplies, Oscopes and other various features. I wanted something that:

    A.) I use all the time
    B.) Small but powerful.

I give you the RFEFX Prototype board. This small versatile design has a dedicated microprocessor with all I/O lines brought out to standard .1″ headers and surround a full 400 pin Breadboard. The design comes in the Microchip® version with an Atmel® version (arduino compatible) in the works. Lets get back to that “A” bullet. Something I use all the time? oh yeah that would be RF. This board comes with a dedicated 5 channel RF link via a 5 button keyfob. you have complete control over 5 independant buttons with just a few lines of code. Dip switches on the back of the board allow you to disconnect the RF if need be.

The board allows a wide range of voltage from 6 to 30vdc. Voltage is regulated to both 5 and 3.3vdc and voltages are brought out to headers for use on the breadboard. 3.3vdc also supplies the RF circuitry. Programming is handled through a PICkit connector as well as a custom ICSP connector on the bottom. USB is handled with the Silicon Labratories® CP2102 chipset. USB is also switchable allowing full control over the TX/RX lines of the microprocessor. I love LEDs and there are 10 to use which are all accessible via header.

RFEFX Proto Board Back

RFEFX Breadboard Layout

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